look at me now.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

boy you got my heartbeat running away.

I realised that what you and I have, what we have, it's different.
You're different (in a good way I mean) .
You're not like any guy I've met or known before, you're way too amazing.
Maybe my friends can't see it but I can. You're so one in a million.

Truth is, somehow, when I'm with you, I feel like I'm just another dork.
You seem so cool, so awesome and so, so perfect.
While I'm just that shy girl who couldn't even talk to you without accidentally biting my tongue. The thought of how I'm not good enough for you suddenly creeps back in me.

"I know that we can't meet but one day we will meet"
Remember when you said that? I thought that day would never come, I thought we would end before it ever happens like most of my previous relationships but I stand corrected. We did meet and it was short but amazing. I wouldn't miss it for the world. What the hell was I thinking? You're not one of those jerks I've been with before.

"I've never been on a date before"
But now I have and honestly i'm glad my first date was with you.
Meeting you was extraordinary, looking into your eyes was hypnotising, seeing your face was beautiful, walking next to you felt great, holding your hand was breath taking, talking to you was hard because I was still shock to see you, you pulling me back and had your arms around me was overwhelming and me accidentally stepping on your awesome purple shoes was just, hilarious.

Leaving and letting go was the hardest and saddest part of the day.
That's okay though, maybe we'll meet again someday?
When we do, if we do, I can't wait to langgar you. haha yeah exactly.
I was totally awestruck, you took my breath away.
I can't even remember how many times my heart skipped a beat on that day.

You're like a fairytale, pardon me but are you human?
You're so adorable,beyond so. I can't believe we were both wearing blue on that day, what a coincidence.
I'm smiling to my ears again. Si awesome, the thought of you leaving me one day is freaking the shit out of me. It's just you mean so much to me and I know how hard it is to find a guy like you nowadays but honestly, I will never find anyone else like you because you're one in a million and I would never love any guy as much as I love you.

baby please don't go, if i wake up tomorrow will you still be here?
haha, remember this?
You're my one and only, there won't be anyone who could replace you. Boy I'm falling for you big time, please don't ever let me go . I love you so damn effin much <3<3

the one who would always love you,
sabrina sabri.

hello happiness.

I'm happier now.

Life's been quite a drag to me lately but that's okay, I can handle it.
Problems, I could get through it.
Bullshit moments, I got over it.
Fake friends, you lost me. Real friends, overwhelmed me.

I think life has finally decided to be a little bit more nicer to me, for now I mean.
I won't let my smile turn into tears unless it's tears of joy.
I'm stronger now, I could stand on my own two feet.
I could laugh without forcing myself to.

Things happen for a reason & all the shit I've been through were only to turn me into who I am now. I'm amazing no matter what anybody says. Yeah no one's perfect but for me, imperfection is the most perfect thing ever. The rain stops, the sun is smiling and the rainbow is finally coming.

I've got my best friends and an amazing boyfriend, what more can I ask?
I know they would always be there for me. Even if they aren't, it's okay because they've made me happy uncountable times and I can't forget all the times they've help get through things.
They mean the world and my life to me, I'm happy with them.

I can't even imagine how my life would end up if they were never there for me.
Dear Happiness, what took you so long to come?

yours truly

we were never made perfect.

The truth is, everyone of us are being unfair.
We're all assholes and jerk asses but we don't realize it.
We judge people even when we don't know them
and we believe what we assume is true.

We never try to understand people but expect them to understand us.
We want respect but don't respect others first.
We'll get made when people insult us so why do we insult them back & make it worst?
When we see someone who might look different or act weirdly we assumed that their freaks and choose to ignore them, leaving them alone or talk shit about them.
When someone who's more popular than us for some reason we don't know we'll be like "Why is she popular? She's not even blablabla" and that's where we start to HATE.

Don't you think all these are just ridiculous?

We don't know what peoples' problems are or how's their lifestyle. We don't know if they've been through more shit than we see on tv. We don't know if we've ever hurt them or their feelings. We don't know how they feel, what they're hiding or if what we say to them had given a big negative impact on their life.

We have to realize that we're not the only one hurting, that we can't expect people to take care of our feelings if we don't do the same. Everybody have flaws and had done faults that they're not proud of in the past. We can't act like we're so perfect when the fact is, we're not. And we should never ever try to bring anybody's spirit down.

What goes around comes around, note that.

yours truly

Friday, 29 July 2011

#if i die young : note4

To: ben
From: yours one and only, sabrina sabri

If i die young; tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month, next year or even today, I want you to know this:

First of all, you could be such a pain in the ass at times but I guess, that's kinda like your job. Honestly under all those whatever you are, I know that you're a nice guy. I envy you for being so talented, obviously everything I'm not. My idol I would put it as.

It's incredible how you could manage to control yourself from doing anything or making any stupid decisions even though your life is like a living hell. You stand up yourself & you couldn't care less about whatever shit people say about you. "I am my own self" you would believe.

You were there when I was afraid, of everything. You kept me calm. You gave me hope. You take care of me. You thought me how to be a better and stronger person, how to stand up for myself and how I should never listen to shit that haters say about me 'cause haters are gonna keep hating. You gave me a vision of my future.

I never realised this before but you have always been there for me. You don't give me bullshit, you hit me with the hardcore truth of life. You deserve better. It hurts me to see you hurt.

I envy how you and your girlfriend are so sweet; like justin and selena. You two seem so perfect for each other. You have study dates at her house, you two always get to hang out together, you talk on the phone from night to morning (at times, it depends) , you have sweet surprises, you tell each other your problems and share stories. Like aww you two are so cute. I pray for you two to last.

Even though we fight a lot, I want you to know that you're cool & I would always love you even if you are an ass at times.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

#if i die young : note5

TO: nur damia athirah
FROM: yours one and only, sabrina sabri

If I die young; tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month, next year or even today , I want you to know this.

The first time I saw you well, the first day of school in 2009. I was 11 and also the NEW SUPER QUIET KID. With a sweet smile, the first thing you ask me was my name and also about ehem ehem haha. My first impression of you was "wow she's adorable! ". You seem friendly and soft spoken. I always see you talking to the 'in crowd' in class most of the time. The truth is, I've always wanted to be your friend but I thought that it would never happen.

2010 : We never actually talk to each other much in class but we always talk after school when I waited for my mum to pick me up form school. It's funny how we don't know each other much but always seem to have a deeper conversation every time we meet.

You were always bullied (obviously) & I always wonder, what's behind that smile you always put on. You're quite secretive you know that? Even to me but I still love you anyway. <3

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

#if i die young: note to that special person ♥

To: mohd hakim khairul salleh ♥
From: yours one and only, sabrina sabri

If I die young; tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month or even today. I want you to know this:

That date 22 april; that date after Justin Bieber's concert, it was the happiest day of my life in 2011 so far. If I could choose either you or justin bieber, you know that I would definitely choose you over him without no doubt. I mean justin bieber is great and all but you,you're amazing. Wait no, you're better than amazing that no words could describe how amazing you are to me.

I just love you, so much.
I've never told any guy I've been in a relationship with before, about my problems or anything deep about me. But with you, it feels like I could tell you anything and that's just out of this world.
All those sweet things I've told you i swear I've never told to any guy I love before. I've never been this sweet to any guy but you so far. Honestly, I trust you with all my heart. Because if I didn't, I wouldn't have told you all that you now know.

I'm sorry that we can't meet like most people. Sorry that I could be complicated at times.
Sorry that I love to burden you with my problems. Sorry that I'm so shy.
Sorry that I make you jealous at times (but you're so cute when you're jealous). Sorry I don't know that much about you but I hope for us to have a deeper conversation one day to fix it. Sorry that I could be annoying at times. I love you for taking me as I am no matter how problematic I could be.

You've been there for me,you always manage to make me smile somehow.
I love listening to your voice. It makes me fall out of bed, literally. Especially when you say "I love you baby". You're just that awesome. And since I knew you, I've been happier. I smile too much at times. At the most devastating moments, even just the thought of you in my mind could make me smile.

You're the most amazing guy I've ever fall in love with and I guess no one could replace you.
I'll always love you si awesome and honestly, all the guys you see that I talk with or IM and wtw with, they could never be compared to you. Because I would never love them as much as I love you

baby, I love you so damn effin much♥  

things change and people move on.

This time it's not you that's change.This time it's me, I know it's me.
I won't blame anyone for all these changes.
Because this time, I want this to happen.

I'm tired of forcing laughter and faking smiles. I'm tired of telling people how I feel when they don't even bother to ask me in the first place. What are friends actually for anyway? What's the use of talking when there's no one listening? I won't be friends with people who don't even want to be with me. I can't put my hopes up too high and get shut down in the end again. I won't let myself get hurt that way.

You can call me whatever you want; I'm done.
Tell me how much I've changed, tell me that you were never the reason behind all these decisions I've made or tell me you want the old me back, tell me I mean something to you. Well can you?

I've changed, I'm still changing.
May all the smiles I put on are sincere, hoping for the times I could laugh without having to force myself to.
I might seem monotonous now, I won't tell you how I feel or my silly stories and problems anymore, I just won't.

I won't burden you with anything that has anything to do with me.
You're free to leave.

yours truly,riri

#if i die young: note 2

To: farah najwa ahmad
From: yours one and only, sabrina sabri

If I die young; tomorrow, the next day, next week, next month or even today. I want you to know this:

Firstly, you're awesome.
You're beautiful, funny, friendly, loyal, sweet, adorable, caring, understanding, hard-working, an amazing friend, you have a cute voice, stylish, got amazing hair and so much more.

I adore you & I forever would envy you.
I could tell you anything because I know that you'll never condemn me. Every secret of mine I could tell you because I trust you, with all my heart.

I pity how most of the guys you got stuck with are moronic fools who doesn't appreciate you and can't see how beautiful you are. You deserve better. You're amazing; I don't know why anybody would ever want to hurt you.

You would mange to make me LMAO at anytime and any mood i'm in. You're really that freaking funny, with your weird jokes and those weird funny but adorable faces you make. Damn, I remember how such an ass we were being to each other when we were little.

I'm glad you're my cousin. You're like the awesomest bestfriend/sister liked cousin I've ever known. If I die young, I would like you to remember me always and reminisce those precious priceless awesome moments we had together.

I would never have been what I am now if it wasn't for you. I mean just imagine if I was still that wannabe kid I used to be, that'd be hysterical. You mean the world to me and I love you so damn much. Don't let anyone bring you down. Just remember, you're amazing and beautiful just the way you are.

yours truly,