look at me now.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

goodbye for now :(

date : 19 november 2010, friday
 title: last day of primary school
note : realise that days in primary school was not so bad and was super awesome :D

a statement that i can't deny,
ohhmyygosh, i can't believe this is the end

this 2010, in this very sk saujana impian2,
i've met new people, made new friends,
realise that this is the most,
unforgettable ,
memory ever in my entire life !

i will miss you guys so fuckin much,
please don't frget me
and do contact me :)

goodbye fr now, we'll meet again soon
i'll be waiting and also searching

bhahaha, ayat memang ta bole blah

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

last hari kanak kanak :'(

we did our best and some students said that our performance were the best
* bangga bangga bangga bangga

well we worked hard for the best  right?
i regret nothing, it was a good thing that we decided to do a performance
one thing i know bout it is, it must have been an unforgettable experience for us
an unforgettable performance for all our juniors and our teachers

i'm gonna miss all this, no matter how awesome yet suck-ish our performance was
i'm glad i know you guys, or else,
i would have never felt a such an exciting experience in my primary school life before 

my favorite part of the day was when he whispered..........
mann, i just love youu