look at me now.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

he's made for another.

I remember how he said I knew him, how he doesn't need to talk about himself or his problems, he'd rather listen to mine. It hit me how,

there would come a day where he'll meet someone, a girl of his type, everything that I am not and it'd be magical. As if he was the back of her hand and he could just talk to her about anything at all and everything about him, she would know. Same goes to her. Why? because this is the one, the one he could be himself with. The one person he doesn't need to pretend to be okay in front of. And may Allah bless that lucky girl. We're meant to fall for another but it wasn't to be forever. The thought of it at first was excruciating but I choose to not be so self-centred. It was hopeless anyway, to be with someone who never wanted to stay with you. Here's to letting go of what was never even there.

yours truly, riri.