look at me now.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

in memories.

I miss you, everyone of you,
I miss our jokes,  our laughter.
I miss teasing each other.
I miss sitting next to each other and copying answers.
I miss our cries, those tears of joy.
I miss that familybonding-like friendship that we had.
I miss us being friends.
I miss our messages.
I miss practicing that dance routine for our last HARI KANAK KANAK.
I miss all those hang outs and fun time that we had together after UPSR.
I miss us making a fool of ourselves.

I want you back, I miss you, can't you hear me?
I said I miss you, I'm crying here, where are you ?
You, you left. They, they're gone now. I, I'm trying to get a hold of myself.
It's hard. I can't delete all these precious memories. Looking back at all those photos I took of us back then, thinking about how much fun we had.

I just can't stand but to cry. I'm keeping myself together. I miss you guys, I wish we were like before. I really do :(

yours truly,

Thursday, 3 February 2011

my awesome 13th birthday.

the awesome-es birthday I've ever had ;D

Honestly, I've never thought that this party could actually be AWESOME.
I thought it was gonna be like VERY LAME .
I got a crazy imagination that no one would come to my party and I would wait in front of the gate while eating the food that was supposed to be served to the people coming and when I finally gave up, I would put my head in my ice cream birthday cake.

I was wrong, completely wrong. my friends did came to my party and like I was truly overwhelmed. Honestly, I really was. and guess what, I finally got to meet mirauwr my bestie that went to STF. I can't believe this certain guy came. Let's call him 'A'
like seriously after what he did to ilya, I couldn't believe my eyes when he came.

Like can you believe that ? HAHA.

I like the "emcee wants you to..." game. My fav part was when my mum said "emcee wants you to bring the birthday girl to the brother" 'cause everybody started to pull me;left to right trying to bring me to my brother who was making the BBQ at that time. It was awfully fun.

There was also the "POISON BOX" game. Seeing Syarif dancing, Ameer singing, Hafizoh catwalk-ing, Arif singing a song from SITI NURHALIZA, Ilya acting as a ghost, like mann how awesome is that?

There was also the "make-up your friends blind folded" game. I had to make-up KIMKIM who fyi is a guy. And well guess what, all the girls looked like some creepy creatures while the guys were just so pretty.

When all my friends went back except for ilya, mira and hafizoh, we played with all the make-up and turn our face to creepy clown killers . Before mira went back home, we told some GHOST STORIES. Suddenly two bats flew above our heads. God, you should see our faces. You would laugh your guts out. Gosh that sounds bad.

I can't believe my mum gave permission for ilya and hafizoh to sleepover at my house.
Memang farah, me, ilya and hafizoh menggila laah hahahah.

pendek kata,

it was an awesome unforgettable priceless day for me.

yours truly, riri.